Inna Rogatchi’s Film Materials are Featured in the Getty Images Archive Blog

The Mauthausen Concentration Camp Revisited Event, which tells about and represents Inna Rogatchi’s material for her The Lessons of Survival film, has been featured on the Getty Images Archive blog. The Getty Images Archive blog is devoted to historic and archival events happening in connection with the Getty Images activities.

The filmed material presented by Getty Images is an unreleased valuable historical documentary examining in detail the inside and outside of one of the biggest Nazi death camps, Mauthausen, situated in Austria, in close proximity to Linz, the city which had held an especially sentimental value to Hitler and which was also a scene of many important episodes before, during and after World War II.

The release of the materials by Inna Rogatchi in co-operation with Getty Images is scheduled to emphasise the importance of a close-range look into historical places and their documentation as the world enters into its commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the many events connected with that historical mile-stone, in 2015.

Getty Images is one of the largest photo and footage services in the world, highly reputed internationally also for its high quality and wide-in-range archive. Along with the BBC Archive and their photo and documentary services, Getty Images is regarded as a leading player in the world market in this sector.

Inna Rogatchi continues her co-operation with Getty Images.