Yigal Amedi Has Joined the International Advisory Board of the Rogatchi Foundation

The Rogatchi Foundation is happy to announce that an old and good friend of the Foundation, Yigal Amedi has joined its International Advisory Board.

Yigal Amedi

Yigal Amedi

Yigal is a distinguished public figure in Israel and internationally and has been involved in many important international cultural and educational initiatives throughout his long and successful career. His 15 years as the Vice-Mayor and Acting Mayor of Jerusalem has proved a success and marked many important developments and initiatives in cultural, educational and philanthropy areas. During those years, The Rogatchi Foundation has had a great partner in their activities in Israel and with regard to Israel, as well.

Among Mr Amedi’s contributions in major international developments has been the Law of Establishing the Authority for the Promotion of Culture, Tourism & External Relations in Jerusalem of which he has been the initiator.

Currently, Mr Amedi focuses on the area of culture, education and philanthropy in his capacities as one of the senior members of the Israeli Lottery Board of Directors and its Arts & Culture Council, where Yigal is Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Committee, Chairman of the Festivals Committee, and Member of the Management & Theater Arts Committee.

He is also Chairman of The Israeli Center for Promotion of Culture and Knowledge in Israel that operates the new Center for Multi-Cultural Creativity – El-Dan House in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

The leadership of The Rogatchi Foundation, its Board, and the International Advisory Board warmly welcome our dear friend Yigal Amedi as our distinguished colleague at The Rogatchi Foundation.