Inna Rogatchi’s Family Saga

The Rebbe’s Family and Ours: History of Devotion – memorable publication of the Inna Rogatchi’s family saga

From the left: Dinah Paley, Meer Chigrinsky and Adel Chigrinsky, Inna Rogatchi’s great-grandmother, great-grandfather and grandmother. (C)


Originally published by – June 2017

The Rebbe’s Family and Ours, the Inna Rogatchi’s family saga with untold until now meaningful historical events and connections has been published by, the world’s largest Jewish internet resource, in commemoration of the date of passing of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavicher Rebber. The same date is the date of passing of Adel Chigrinsky, the Inna Rogatchi’s maternal grandmother, the daughter of the man, Meer Chigrinsky, who did help to the Rebbe’s father, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Schneerson, to save a very large Jewish community of Ekaterinoslav-Dnepropetrovsk from famine in the 1930s by the special plan and ‘operation’. Meer Chigrinsky’s wife, Dinah Paley, was the sister of Sergey Palei, the one of the leaders of the Jewish community of Ekaterinoslav, the influential man who did help to the father of the future Lubavicher Rebbe to get his job and to settle his family.

 The publication has caused a massive interest, and has been re-printed all over the USA and world-wide. The article has been re-printed in Miami, Los-Angeles, New Jersey, New-York, San-Francisco, Connecticut, Las-Vegas, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  Texas, Arizona, Iowa,  Dallas, etc. in more than 50 publications all over the USA. It has been also published in Australia, New Zealand, Canada,  South Africa, Israel, France, Germany,  Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Estonia, Belorussia, Denmark, Croatia, United Kingdom, and many other countries, more than 30 of them.

The reception of the family story has been extremely positive. We are cordially grateful to the publishers, the editors of the, all the team who worked on this important publication, to everyone who was interested and cared to re-print the story, and to all the readers who were so generous in their warming interest.

The publication can been read here.