Mosaic of Life: Culture for Humanity Spring 2021 Charitable Campaign

March 1, 2021 

Dear Friends, 

As many of you know, since the beginning of the pandemic, we are running Culture for Humanity Global Initiative to sustain people psychologically by arts and culture during the tough times of corona.

All this time, in our Culture for Humanity bulletins and many other ways, we are regularly addressing a wide international audience with specially selected supportive, positive, optimistic, warming up artworks, music, poetry, photography, videos, all kind of creative works that appeal to our all psycho, cheers it up, and maintains our inner conditions on a sunny side, in a thoughtful, elegant and beautiful way. 

We are lucky to work with a number of soul-mates colleagues in arts and music all over the world, many of them international stars, who are talented in their profession and generous in their heart to share their creations, time and efforts with a wide audience. 

All this ongoing work demands a lot of strength, energy, commitment and also resources, naturally. 

That’s why we are calling for the International Charitable Spring Campaign 2021, and we have prepared special exclusive art gifts for those who would like to participate in it supporting our initiative and its ongoing work and effort. 

We have created a set of over 20 exclusive art posters as special products of this charitable campaign. The posters are of the highest museum quality. They are produced laminated, so could be put in frame under the glass, or put on the wall without frame. They are of an unified size, 70 x 50 cm, in the case of squared posters, the size is 50 x 50 cm. We have put a bottom price for the posters aiming to reach a wide audience with our campaign. The special campaign price of one poster is 30 Euro.  You are welcome to choose any amount of different posters, according to your wish and taste, from our vast range of them. All posters are numbered, so it is easy to pick it up by assigned numbers. 

The Mosaics of Life collection of exclusive posters can be viewed here

Let us know please on your choice and number of posters via this email address:   in a following form: 

I would like to support the Culture for Humanity Spring 2021 Charitable Campaign by ordering ______Posters, numbers_____________ , for the sum of ______, including 20 Eur for postal costs.  

My postal address is_______________________________________

_________________________________________. My contact detail is____________________________________. The date of the order/contribution______________________________.” 

As mentioned above, please add 20 Euro to your kind donation order for covering the postal costs ( in many cases, we will partially cover it, as well). 

You are welcome to contribute according to your choice for any number of posters here:

Alternatively, upon your wish mentioned in your order, we will provide you via replying email the bank details for a bank transfer. 

During March 2021, we will collect your orders. The posters will be posted to you in April 2021.  

We hope that  with the posters from our new and exclusive Mosaic of Life collection, you would like and will enjoy our exclusive art posters and will be benefiting from new radiant spots and appealing modern interior art design touches in your premises, home and office alike. We also hope with this collection to contribute a bit more warmth, optimism  and happiness on the face and despite all current challenges of the pandemic. As you can see from the collection, our posters are suitable for all kinds of premises: homes, schools, children facilities, offices, cultural, social, medical  institutions. We created the collection to gladden anyone and anywhere. 

We would like to thank you in advance for your kind attention and your possible support of our Culture for Humanity global initiative, your possible participation in our Spring 2021 campaign, your order and your very kind donation. 

We will be happy to answer any of your possible questions with regard to this campaign.