Art For Truth – Inna Rogatchi’s Special Campaign in Support of Ukraine

Inna Rogatchi in cooperation with PH21 Art Gallery 

In Solidarity for Ukraine  

April 2022 

In her artistic capacity, Inna Rogatchi fruitfully cooperates with PH21 Gallery & Art Photography Centre ( Budapest – Barcelona – Rome), one of the most respected European contemporary art institutions.  In April 2022 , April 7 – 27th, the gallery will show the SILENCE exhibition in the centre of Budapest. The whole exhibition is very strong and interesting. You are welcome to get familiar with it here

Inna’s work Dreaming Melody ( 2020 – 2022 ) is present at the exhibition.  In cooperation with the gallery, its founder and director, a big-name in contemporary art internationally prof. Zsolt Batori and his team, we are running a special art charitable campaign with this specific work of Inna’s. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). Dream Melody. 2020-2022. Limited Edition of 5.

As it is customary at the high-end exhibitions, a very limited edition of just five numbered and signed by me museum-quality collectible prints of the work will be issued. The size of the prints is 30 x 40 cm.  

Those prints are put by Inna and the PH21 Gallery on special charitable sale. The price of the Edition of 5 prints is 500 Euro per print. All proceeds from the sale will go to support the brave journalists who are working on the front-line in Ukraine, and are risking their life for bringing us the truth about this Mean War. We are working on the addressed help to Inna’s colleagues in question with the Union of Journalists in Finland and also with our friends in the Novaya Gazeta which is led by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov and which being closed by the Russian authorities, has opened its independent European operation now. 

We would like to emphasise that some of the journalists who are risking their lives, and actually, the best of them, most courageous, most compassionate ones, do need help these days. They do need it seriously. Many of them do not have savings. Many of them are in precarious situations. They are serving the society of human beings, they are providing us with truth not in a distant way, but from the front, under fire and bullets. If you would be willing and able to help us to help them, and if you would like the piece of art which we sell for their support, we will be hugely grateful. 

To order the one of the Dream Melody prints, Edition of 5, 2022, you are welcome to contact us:,, , or the PH21 Gallery – 

To pay for your order is very simple, in a one-click on PayPal:

If you would kindly consider extra-support of this cause, please donate here 

 With cordial thanks and warm regards for your ongoing support of Ukraine in this dire hour.