Art for Resilience

Inna Rogatchi’s Art Charitable campaign in support of honest media reporting from the war in Ukraine

Inna Rogatchi (C). Singing in the Rain. 2022.

Inna Rogatchi’s artwork Singing in the Rain ( 2022) dedicated to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov is to be exhibited at the -SCAPES international curated exhibition at the renowned European PH21 Gallery & Art Photography Centre ( Budapest – Barcelona – Rome).

Singing in the Rain ( 2022) is one of two Inna’s artworks selected for the exhibition.

The artist, in her ongoing fruitful cooperation with the PH21 Centre leadership, internationally renowned philosophers, artists, art historians and art curators, prof. Zsolt Batori and Dr Borbala Jasz, decided to run yet another international art charitable campaign in support of Ukraine with this artwork as its product. This time, the support will be provided to the brave journalists who are providing an honest reporting from the dangerous fields and front-line of the war against Ukraine.

Five special museum-quaility giclee prints are designated by Inna and her colleagues from PH21 for this special art charitable campaign.

In her Artist Statement, Inna said the following:

The exhibition in Budapest will be on display from September 22 through October 15th, 2022. The prints will be possible to purchase during the exhibition, and later on from The Rogatchi Foundation, until the end of 2022.