Relief to the elderly and children in Ukraine

The Rogatchi Foundation second joint relief for Ukraine campaign with the TJC, USA

House for Elderly people in Dnipro, Ukraine. (C) The Rogatchi Foundation. On the wall – Inna Rogatchi’s artwork.

The Rogatchi Foundation is running the second joint art charitable campaign with our faithful partners, good friends and colleagues from The JerUSAlem Connection ( Washington, D.C.) for organising and boosting humanitarian relief for the people in Ukraine.

This is the second joint campaign of The Rogatchi Foundation and TJC during the year 2022, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and escalating humanitarian situation there.

To participate in this current campaign which was prompted by the coming winter and acute situation with heating equipment for a common population in Ukraine, The Rogatchi Foundation has proposed to TJC to contribute our artworks, to reward each and every participant of the campaign in the USA and globe-wise.

Our partners in the US chose this work by Michael Rogatchi, his Tree of Light ( 2017):

The work will be reproduced as a Limited Edition series of a museum-quality print, signed by the artist, to reward everyone participated. The series is produced specifically for the TJC and The Rogatchi Foundation joint campaign.

The original of this special artwork belongs to a private collection in Helsinki, Finland. The work itself has a special history, too: it was created by the artist as a prototype for commissioned to Michael two stained-glass windows for famous Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London, UK. The images for those two windows were dedicated to two exceptional personalities, the friends of Michael and Inna Rogatchi, the late Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and long-term Senior Rabbi, Chief Cantor and the head of the world-famous Shabbaton Choir Lionel Rosenfeld.

The joint TJC and The Rogatchi Foundation campaign will be in force from October 25 through the Thanksgiving Day in the US, November 29th, 2022. The Rogatchi Foundation is warmly thanking everyone participating the campaign in advance.

From December 1st, 2022, The Rogatchi Foundation will embark on our Art for Warmth campaign, to continue helping the Ukrainian people in this dire hour.