Images of Inna and Michael Rogatchi artworks to be featured at the Holocaust Memorial in Texas

Images of five of Michael Rogatchi’s famous Holocaust-related artworks will be featured at the forthcoming Holocaust Open Air Memorial in Texas, Garden for Hope in Kingwood. Inna and Michael Rogatchi’s works will be featured at the Memorial alongside the images of the works by Marc Chagall, Samuel Back and Roman Vishniac.

Among featured works is The Way ( 1993) which was in private collection of famous Nazi-hunter and a close friend of Michael and Inna Rogatchi Simon Wiesenthal, and which is now at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los-Angeles. The Heart of the Matter ( 1998) work belong to very notable private collection in the UK. Final Solution ( 2004) is a world-famous classic which has been exhibited and published world-wide, the same as the other two works, Yiddishe Mama ( 2018) and Under the Jerusalem Skies ( 2016).

As many as 24 of Inna Rogatchi’s works were selected to be featured at the Kingwood Holocaust Memorial. Those works reflects on different aspects of Holocaust, post-Holocaust, and Jewish heritage.

Many of those works were exhibited world-wide at the special exhibitions and Inna’s projects dedicated to the living memory of the Shoah, including two exhibitions at the European Parliament, and several national Parliaments, including the Parliament of Finland, Seimas of Lithuania, at the special events in London, Rome, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, and many other places.

Many of the featured images of Inna’s works are the artist’s homages to an outstanding people , such as Elie Wiesel, Raoul Wallenberg, Consul Souse Mendes, Inna’s close relative Alma Rose, consul Sugihara, many of whom or their families Inna and Michael Rogatchi are friendly with and are working together for decades. The work dedicated to Alma Rose who was made by the Nazis to lead the female orchestra in Auschwitz, and who is Inna’s great-grand-aunt, was created by Inna for the Kingwood Memorial specifically.

In Inna’s works, also many special Holocaust-related places are featured, including Ukraine, forests of Lithuania, streets of Vilnius and Krakow, where the memory of the Shoah still is pulsating – for those who are willing to feel it.

The Rogatchi Foundation expresses our gratitude to the Holocaust Memorial in Kingwood for their aspirations to bring the memory of the Shoah alive and for new generations to come.