Michael Rogatchi Meaningful Art in Support of Ukraine

SPECIAL ART CHARITABLE CAMPAIGN: August 15 – October 31, 2023

Michael Rogatchi ©. King David’s Shofar. 2022-2023. The work is a title work for The Rogatchi Foundation Special Rosh HaShanah art charitable campaign 2023.

For many centuries, a month leading to the Rosh HaShanah, Jewish New Year, is the time for heart-felt and meaningful charities. Not only are we willingly helping those in need, but also doing it responding to our own heart-call. 

This year, with all this non-stopping full-fledged terrifying war in the middle of Europe, we at The Rogatchi Foundation could not think about better purpose of our Rosh HaShanah charity effort than to help to our best to our brethren in Ukraine, and to support the Jewish communities in the country in the midst of the war. 

During all this time, we are keeping permanent contact with many of our friends in Ukraine, and with their Jewish communities there, and are trying to help them directly all this time. Before starting this new campaign, we spoke with the leaders of the Jewish community in Dnipro, the city of our both families. We asked our dear friend Igor Romanov, the director of the community, about their needs at the moment and in the near future. Here is Igor’s reply to us: 

As always, our most immediate needs are funds for food and medicine. Those are the first-line necessities. Speaking about vulnerable groups, such as children and elderly, even with many people with young children becoming war refugees outside Ukraine, we have more than 200 kids in our community kindergarten, and there are many over 600 children in the school. With them, there are a lot of worries with the opening of a school year soon. The situation here is very unstable and really dangerous. You never know nowadays what might happen in the next second, literally so. And there is a problem with school which does not have its own shelter, and we need to disperse kids every time at the moment of attacks, which are many. In our House for Elderly, there are over 40 incapacitated people living, and they need round o’clock care in all and every way. We also hosted many refugees from the front lines in Ukraine in that House.  

Little boy from the Jewish community of Dnipro. 2023. 

The coming winter of course poses a very big challenge for us, we are aware of it and are trying to prepare to do our best, and we know that we would need a lot of help for the winter. 

The biggest problem for us is to provide care for many elderly people who cannot relocate from the city to the less dangerous places, who are not well, staying at their homes, many of them on their own, with very limited financial resources. There are more than two thousand of  such really vulnerable people in our community alone. Of course, Chesed is helping them to their best, supplying them with  a little money four times in a year. But because of necessary formalities, those elderly people who have no experience of living according to the strict rules of financial grants, even minimal ones, have a lot of difficulties running, often helplessly, in search of some receipts that they need to provide against those little money they receive from Chesed. They have no idea how it functions, and they are often at loss and confused. So, if there would be any possibility of a direct financial support of this category of our community without bureaucratic hussle for these elderly and not well people, that would be a great, much needed and very much appreciated help”.  

Additionally to a very large Jewish community in Dnipro, the second largest city in Ukraine which is under intensified attacks for some while by now, there are eight smaller Jewish communities in the nearby cities for which the central Jewish community in Dnipro is responsible, including the community in Kryvyi Rih, the native own of the President Zelensky. The Dnipro community financially supports these eight smaller communities of Pavlograd, Novomoskovsk, Pavlograd, Kamensky, Zheltyje Vody, and the others. With your very kind help, we did help to support these communities previously, as well, and we intended to do it also now, in this special Rosh HaShanah 5784/2023 campaign. 

Little members of the Jewish community of Dnipro. 2023. 

To support Jewish communities in Ukraine and especially vulnerable people there, we have decided to produce twelve special giclees, museum replicas of Michael’s great works on Jewish heritage which are universal in their appeal and connotation. The size of the giclees vary between 50 x 60 cm and 50 x 70 cm. The works are in an elegant museum frames and are ready to hang. The prices for each framed museum replica on canvas varies between Eur 2000 and 3000.

More detailed description of the works is in a special pdf presentation which we are happily sending to all those who would be interested to take part in this act of targeted mercy. You are welcome to require the online catalogue for this campaign via office@rogatchifoundation.org

Practical information: 

Orders of artworks: office@rogatchifoundation.org

Please provide your address for shipping the work. 

We will provide you all necessary payment information upon your order via confirmation email.

We are shipping the works safely and quickly, and they are coming with the Certificates of Authenticity. 

We appeal to our Jewish friends and also to non-Jewish ones for whom the theme is meaningful and appealing, to join us in this special Rosh HaShanah art charitable campaign by ordering the giclees of these great works for your home or office, for your family, friends or your organisation. Win-win in this campaign is that direct support of those in need among the Jewish communities in Ukraine, you would also have a very good artwork on your wall for years to come. 

We hope that you, your friends and your organisations might be interested in these artwork and yet more importantly, in the possibility to help those people in the Jewish communities in Ukraine and to make their Rosh Hashanah and new Jewish year  5784, starting on September 15th, 2023, to come a bit more happier and easier for them. Thank you very much in advance.