Compassion, Love, Care Appeal

November 2023

The October 7th, 2023 massacre of peaceful civilians in Israel had a horrible outcome: 1400 victims murdered in the most barbaric way, with between 100 and 200 bodies unidentified, 242 hostages. 

Among the victims, 91 children left orphans. 

Among the survivors, very many people were left wounded. 

Survivors and their families, speaking only of immediate victims of the massacre, are in an acute need of psychological care. 

In one of our several forthcoming international art charitable appeals in urge to help the victims of the unprecedented massacre, The Rogatchi Foundation will focus on providing direct support to the most vulnerable among the victims: the children and their families. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). Creation of Light. 2023. Hatikvah in White and Blue series. 2023.

Acting in close cooperation with our trustworthy partners in Israel, with kind help of everyone who would like to join and to respond our Compassion, Love, Care Appeal, we will provide support to the children who became orphaned after the massacre, their extended families which take care about them now, to the children who has become wounded, and the families who were affected by this horrific massacre and who does need all the support that can be provided for them. 

The idea of this  art charitable appeal is to provide to those who  would like to support the children and families affected badly by the massacre, a possibility to select an original art from the specially created by Inna Rogatchi Hatikvah in White and Blue art series. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). The Window. 2023. Hatikvah in White and Blue series. 2023.

The collection of 24 new art images can be seen here: 

Inna Rogatchi HATIKVAH IN WHITE & BLUE Collection, 2023 – specially for Compassion, Love, Care Appeal –

To participate in the Compassion, Love, Care campaign, you are welcome to choose any image or number of images from the Hatikvah in White and Blue collection. You are also welcome to choose the size of the authored original print, numbered and signed by the artist. 

The museum-quality art prints are coming in small, middle and large sizes corresponding to A4, A3 and A3+ formats. All works are mounted in a museum passepartout, in the case of large size, the passepartout are custom-made. 

There is also a possibility of ordering an original tailor-made large-size art panels ( from 50 x 50 to 120 x 100 cm) of any image from the Hatikvah in Blue and White series. 

After making your choices, please place your orders at

We will come back to you with all further information. 

In order to make the campaign widely attractive, we have set special prices which are 50% of the regular prices. 

Inna Rogatchi(C). Israel Song: Hatikvah. Hatikvah in White and Blue series. 2023.

Every work comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity with its regular price and insurance value. 

We are shipping the works with couriers, safely and quickly. All tailored works are shipped by professional art shipping couriers. 



Special link to the Compassion, Love, Care campaign –

          Bank Transfer – the details will be provided upon placing the order. 

We are always happy to answer your questions. 

 Thank you for your support in this truly special campaign. 

The Rogatchi Foundation