Among the recent projects supported by The Rogatchi Foundation are:

  • creating, organising and carrying on special Champions of Humanity cultural and educational project from the Outreach to Humanity series at the European Parliament ( 2017) and the Parliament of Finland ( 2018);
  • organising Heart to Share special co-partnering campaign with the ICEJ and ICEJ Finland in support of the Holocaust Survivors, the residents of the unique in the world Elderly House for the Holocaust Survivors, Haifa Home in Haifa, Israel ( 2017); 
  • organising Caring Hands international campaign in support of the people affected by the devastated earthquake in Italy – with donating several original and specially created art works by Michael and Inna Rogatchi ( 2016-2017);  
  • co-sharing special charitable campaign with The Rose Foundation ( USA) in support of disabled people, providing them with special medical chairs ( 2015-2016); 
  • organising Sparks of Kindness international charitable campaign in support of the Holocaust Survivors in need, based on the Inna Rogatchi’s The Lessons of Survival. Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal film ( 2014-2017); 
  • organising and carrying on Caring With Love Charitable Campaign in support of the Aamu Foundation ( Finland) and children cancer patients to mark 25th anniversary of the Rogatchi family’s charitable activities ( 2014-2015)
  • organising series of commemorative events to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Simon Wiesenthal ( 2015);
  • organising Three Lights charitable initiative in memory of three teen-agers, abducted and murdered in Israel by the Palestinian terrorists ( Summer – December 2014); 
  • introduction of Orphan Stipendium for children from Ukraine in 5-year termed programme to stimulate the orphaned children to get more from their education, and to help them to collect some extra money for that; 
  • providing direct help to children from Fukushima affected by the nuclear plant disaster in Japan that occurred in March 2011;
  • providing the psychological comfort to cancer patients in the biggest in Scandinavia and the Northern Europe cancer rehabilitation Meri-Karina centre in Turku, Finland by introducing ‘art therapy’ exhibition of specifically created for these purposes art photography, with donation of the original pieces to cancer patients and the institutions where they are treated.