The Rogatchi Foundation supports an educational gala in London

Following the request of an Association of Past Students of Wesley Girls’ High School of UK and Ireland, the Rogatchi Foundation had the pleasure to support their biennial fund-raising gala that took place at the end of June 2012 in London, in the presence of the Ghana High Commissioner in the UK and other distinguished international guests. 

Wesley Girls’ High School in Ghana is a highly-reputed and well-known educational institution with the history coming to 175 years back. This school is known in Ghana and beyond its borders, in Africa, as ‘the school of the first ones’ : Ghana’s many first prominent female figures in various fields have come from this unique establishment, the country’s first female Chief Justice, the first female paediatric surgeon, the first female pilot of the Armed Forces, the first female Vice-Chancellors of two universities, and many other prominent figures were all students of the school. The fame of the school and the quality of its education has brought its students also onto the international scene, including the first ever woman director of the UN International Labor Organisation, and actively participating in the gala’s organising committee of the year the UN Human Rights’ top lawyer Nana Oye Litur, and Ghana’s Trade Minister Hon. Hannah Tetteh. 

Wesley Girls’ High School in Ghana, an example of an educational establishment that makes children believe in themselves and lays the foundation for them to aspire and achieve.

Wesley School is famous for its teachers, some of them becoming a legend in their own right. Among such admirable people who have devoted their lives to the education of children in the far away, remote places of Africa, is Miss Garnett who joined the school when she was 25 years old, back in 1951, and eventually became the youngest Headmistress in the long history of that prolific school. Miss Garnie ran the school for 20 years with an exemplary devotion to her pupils, and has become a living inspiration to all of them. In the 1980s, Miss Garnett was awarded an MBE for her services in the education of African children. Being 86-years old now, Miss Garnet (Mrs Howorth in her marriage), lives in Northern Yorkshire nowadays, and her grateful students stay in touch with her still, always remembering her lessons, and more and more appreciating her devotion to them and to the process of teaching. 

Inna Rogatchi ©. Sky in the Water. 2010. 

Inna Rogatchi’s fine art photography work was donated to the fund-raising gala in London for the Wesley Girls’ School in Ghana. 

The Rogatchi Foundation has been very pleased to donate the original work of Inna Rogatchi for the fund-raising gala for the Wesley School, as well as the collection of limited edition art photographs for the same purpose. The support of the Wesley School is a logical continuation of our support to the qualified and responsible education in Africa and in particular in Ghana that has been carried on by The Rogatchi Foundation in their previous charity projects (support to AfricaAid, charity project concerning orphans in Ghana).