On December 12th, 2011, in a warm and engaging ceremony, The Rogatchi Foundation, its co-founders and members of the board, along with the members of The Rogatchi Foundation Board and International Advisory Board and their long-term partners in charity activities from the Cancer Society of the South-Western Finland, were celebrating the 60th anniversary of that very special charity organisation.

The ceremony was opened by Dr Matti Koivurinta, the founder of ABOA VENTUS & ARS NOVA MUSEUM and the chairman of The Matti Koivurinta Foundation.

Inna Rogatchi ©. Travelling Mind I. From a Window of Mercy exhibition. 2010. Courtesy © The Rogatchi Foundation

“Inna Rogatchi’s art photography works are highly acclaimed internationally, and we are very glad and happy to have these works here in the premises of the Cancer Society of the South-Western Finland which is a known center for many cultural, social and public activities. And we very highly value Inna’s contribution. Those works are designed, done and selected for the specific purposes of providing psychological comfort to those people, and many of them, sadly, who have been affected by this merciless disease. But additional to that, as one can see, this wholesome collection as if breathing of philosophical poetry, and this is the most essential impression that one gets from Inna’s works presented here; the impression which stays with us”, – said Dr Matti Koivurinta in his opening speech.

Inna Rogatchi ©. Garden of Life I. From a Window of Mercy exhibition. Turku, December 2011. © The Rogatchi Foundation.

“It happens that some works of art have special effects on the audience, sometimes, even surprisingly for artists who have created them. But it is a different story when an artist is seeing his or her task as a meticulous and conscious effort to create such pieces of art that would have some ‘pre-designed’ effect as its essential element. It makes the whole creative process special”, – said Inna Rogatchi.

The event included the donation by Michael Rogatchi of one of his most lyrical and well-known art works, Le Gitane: Song to the Sun, to the Cancer Society, in commemoration of its outstanding activities and its ongoing help to so many people both inside and outside Finland.

Michael Rogatchi ©. Le Gitan. Oil on canvas. 90 x 70 cm. 1996. 

“I believe that this kind of work which is as if ‘singing hope’, as if its goes from inside many human beings, would suit the new premises of Meri-Karina, a very well known multi-functional centre run by the Cancer Society, and will send the message of hope and enlightenment to people who are either living or visiting here”, – said the artist whose several works are already are part of permanent art collection of the Cancer Society of the South-Western Finland.

The ceremony was attended by the former Governor of Turku and South-Western Finland Pirkko Työläjärvi, well-known actress and director Maija-Liisa Marton, general manager of the Cancer Society of the South-Western Finland  Kari Ojala, and many others.

Inna Rogatchi(C). From the Window of Mercy. 2010.

There was much interest and a very positive response from the public to the collection From the Window of Mercy and Joy: “It is not just very beautiful works. The Light is as if getting out of them and is getting palpable here, in this place. Living in the harsh climate conditions of Finland, we are used to looking out for every single piece of grass that is getting through the concrete; we used to cherish these pieces, and treasure them. And your works are bringing the same message right here and right now, but in much more powerful ways and form. Heartfelt thank you for that!” – was the address from the Finnish public to Inna Rogatchi.