New Collections of Inna Rogatchi’s Lux Sei Photo Art Donated to Two Orphanages in Ukraine

During Michael and Inna Rogatchi’s recent visit to Ukraine, Inna donated new collections of her Lux Sei Photo Art © to two orphanages in Dnepropetrovsk. Responding to requests from the orphanages to help to decorate the children’s premises there, Inna created the new Maple Sunset series containing 15 works for the girls orphanage and recreated her Israel collection into King David’s Wall containing 12 works for the boys home. All new works are authored prints on silk paper.

Lux Sei Photo Art © is a special direction of fine art photography that provides psychological comfort; it has been created and is developing by Inna Rogatchi. Her Lux Sei Photo Art © works and series belongs to many hospitals, hospices, rehabilitation centres, orphanages, and are used for psychological training in many institutions of several countries including Finland, Spain, UK, Japan, Ukraine and others.

Both children and teachers at both orphanages in Dnepropetrovsk have been extremely happy to receive the donated art series. “We are so very happy and appreciative that the walls of our houses for these children will be breathing with life and beauty now, thanks to Inna Rogatchi” – said Sara Glick, the American teacher and social worker who is responsible for the girls orphanage and work with orphaned children in Dnepropetrovsk. The inhabitants of the girls pansion like the new decoration of their home very much indeed and have presented Inna and Michael Rogatchi with their own poetry and art work.

The girls from the pansion attend the opening ceremony of Inna Rogatchi’s exhibition at the museum. Dnepropetrovsk, June 2013.

Click on the link to see the Lux Sei Photo Art © collections.