Culture for Humanity

The Rogatchi Foundation Special Art Bulletin of the Foundation Culture for Humanity (C), (R) global initiative.

We at The Rogatchi Foundation are glad to share with our wide international audience our Special Art Bulletin created with invaluable help and generosity of participating artists, musicians, masters of letters, art photographers, composers, and many others who joined with us to conduct this mission, in creating and distributing what we call ‘art-vitamin’ in oder to uplift people at the current time of massive and wide-spread stress and sudden solitude due to the pandemic of the corona-virus. 

We will all of you health, peace, high spirit, good mood, and strength needed for normal life in abnormal circumstances. We and our great friends, masters of world’s culture, are hoping that you all would enjoy the moments spent watching and listening to the great works assembled in our editions.

Edition VI


Edition V


Edition IV


Edition III


Edition II


Edition I