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Posted 23/5/2017

Prestigious Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Arts & Literature Award had the Gala Opening of its major one month exhibition in Rome in May 2017.  

On May 6th, 2017, prestigious Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Arts & Literature Award had the  Gala Opening of its one month exhibition in Rome at Loft-Spazio MatEr gallery, the leading partner of the the Institute for Rare Diseases in that notable and important event. 

Dr Ilaria Sergi, well-known Italian art curator and gallerist had opened the exhibition of the winners and finalists alongside with Professor Domenica Taruscio known as the mother of that special project. 

Prolific art journalist and curator Dr Raffaella Salato was among the hosts of that special Gala Opening.  

The event had been attended by hundreds of people, the artists, writers, art critics, curators, art-lovers and collectors, and also by the families who has been supported by the charitable efforts of many leading Italian and international artists through that very special project. 


Inna and Michael Rogatchi has participated in this special event representing The Rogatchi Foundation and also themselves as the artists. Inna has won the Award in the art photography category and was handed her Award and diploma at the ceremony. 


Michael's work has made to the final in the paintings category. 


The Rogatchi Foundation was very happy to recognise the founder of the Italian national Il Volo di Pegaso Award , head of the pioneering Institute for Rare Diseases professor Domenica Taruscio and art curator and gallerist Dr Ilaria Sergi with special art works and comense  for their both' contribution into humanity via arts and charitable activities. The special art works handed to the both ladies from The Rogatchi Foundation were the numbered and signed copies of very limited edition of 50 of the well-known art work by Michael Rogatchi Firenze Dream.

A very large audience at the Gala Opening has met the awarding of the two key figures for the Italian National Arts 7 Literature Il Volo di Pegaso Award with warm enthusiasm.

The exhibition of the winners and finalists of the IX Edition of Il Volo di Pegaso at the Loft- Spazio MatEr art gallery in Rome is on display for all month of May 2017.

In the autumn 2017, the exhibition will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Milan.  

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