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Degenerative Mind of Lars Shmon Trier: A Nazi Saluting at Cannes

Posted 22/12/2011

By Inna Rogatchi 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2011

First published in The BALTIC TIMES, December 22, 2011


It is a nice way to start one of the Cannes Film Festival days, prior to the first-night of one of its biggest of the year (as for too many other years, regrettably, in the case of this particular film-maker), with the following Good Morning tirade: 

"I found out I was actually a Nazi. My family were German, Hartmann, ya. It gives me some pleasure.... I understand Hitler... I sympathize with him a bit. I understand the man. I just imagine him sitting in the bunker, you know, ya... And I really like Albert Speer, ya-yaa!.. Speer I really like!.. Israel is a pain in the ass... OK, I am a Nazi. To do a film of a large scale? Yaa. We Nazis like to do things on a big scale. Maybe I could do The Final Solution."

Guten Morgen, Cannes, ya. Welcome all to the sick-and-stinking world of pathetic Lars Trier who turned to his favour a slight mockery with which fellow students in the Copenhagen film school were teasing him in the youth. Aristocratic indicative 'von' was a tongue-in-cheek tease referring to far too common in Denmark combinations of Lars and Trier, typical Denmark version of 'John Smith'. Shmon Larsen, then, to be correct. 

There is nothing particularly new in the other perverted Nazi's proud self-confessions. But as far as I recall, Cannes Film Festival podium has never been a place of such disgusting public fantasising, or as Herr Trier likes to describe what he does for life, 'masturbating on a silver screen'. His way of it looks really handicapped, one may observe, but as he decided to demonstrate his skills to the world audience so enthusiastically, he ought to be commented, at the very least. 

There are a lot of voices rushing to dismiss the stunning escapade as 'a joke', 'ill-advised publicity stunt', as something going in hand with stick-on to Trierl'enfant terrible image allowing him to stupefy all around. Come on, one gets really fed up with this endless selective permissiveness, always for the arrogant leftists, for some reason. I would like to see Herr Trier with his would-be anti-Afro-American comments, or even with his current Nazi-spree, too, in some tough corners of Bronx. He will be cured from his epatant syndrome in a blink of an eye.

The film-maker knew precisely well during his dirty Nazi shower for everybody present at the over-crowded press-conference room, that next to him was sitting Charlotte Gainsbourg, the actress who played two major roles in his last two movies, the daughter of the France's legend Serge Gainsbourg. His daughter who was closer to her fantastic father probably more than anyone in the world, - and Serge Gainsbourg's world was really a big one, - knows far better than any of us could imagine how much loving, caring and tenderly but firmly devoted to his Jewish family and the Jewishness as such her unique father was. She sat pale and stunned listening to dirty stucky fountaining of Trier. But her father would not be sitting next to that creature for a second. 

L'enfant terrible or not, and the biggest film event in the world, or otherwise, there is 'a part of a joke in every joke', as it is well known. And one does not need to be a Dr. Freud, watching the Shmon Trier's sitting stand-off live, to get that it was the classic case of that. One more of self-hating Jews? Sure thing. 

It could be not a big fun to be raised by the Jewish Communist Nudist parents - or it might, for some, - and then being at age of forty, to learn not just that your father is not exactly yours, but that your real father is a German, Herr Hartmann, ya. Likes Nazi lover Trier or not, and whatever Hartmann or not, he is the son of the Jewish mother, and thus is regarded as Jewish according to the Jewish tradition. Ya. 

As it seems from his mumbling at the Cannes stage, he does, actually: "If I would be a Jewish, I would be second-rate Jewish, you know; they have the hierarchy..." Which is complete rubbish, but the Communist Nudist teaching does not provide a proper knowledge to their children, obviously. Too bad. 

Whatever might be a personal demons Herr Trier is wrestling with, or whichever way he chooses to fix a score with his dead mother, he shall not do it at anybody else's expense, let along the huge audience he has got by directly and quite cynically, not simply idiotically, abusing the Cannes Film Festival podium. 

When Herr Trier - who rushed to convert to Catholicism after learning of origin of his biological father, but it did not help much as Herr Hartmann did like to talk to his son otherwise than through his lawyer, - suggested at the same occasion that 'the Eastern (Orthodox) church is good' for another star in his movie Kirsten Dunst's 'orgasm', it all has become so boringly obvious. 

He is not just like 'to masturbate on a screen'. He simply cannot do anything else. That's why all the Nazi art, in fact, and contrary to what they proclaimed on the real art, is so deeply and helplessly degenerative. Welcome to their club, Speer's admirer. You would be at home there, at last. 

And it is exactly where the real and biggest problem for little dirty Lars's lies. Nazis would not accept him, a son of a Commie Jewess, into their midst. And he knows that. Any more questions on that or another meaning of the utterly talentless and deadly boring psychotic gloom of any of that pathetic film-maker productions?.. 

May 19th, 2010 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2010

Inna Rogatchi is the writer and the president of The Rogatchi Foundation.


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