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Toulouse and Gaza; Baroness Ashton - And Lenin's Female Cook

Posted 22/3/2012

By Inna Rogatchi 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2012 

First published in The JerUSAlem Connection Report, Washington, D.C., USA, on March 21st, 2012


To have the nerve to compare publicly the Toulouse massacre with Gaza, means to have no brain, no heart, no sense of reality, not even elementary knowledge, and no skills to run any office at all. Catherine Ashton has no moral or professional right to lead the foreign policy office of any civilised state or organisation.


It was the sick and angry revolutionary, the bandit, to speak in a plain language, known as comrade Lenin who left mankind this phrase "in a revolutionary state, any female cook would be able to lead a state". This sheer idiocy has become one of the key principles of the violent and virulent doctrine of Bolshevism.

Hundred years later we can see that although they are utterly absurd, these assumptions are still applied to life, and to a far higher degree today than was true in Lenin's imaginary kitchen.

On March 19th, 2012, the very evening of the horrific anti-Semitic massacre in Toulouse, the High Representative of the European Council on Foreign Affairs and the First Vice President of the European Council Baroness Ashton was busy chairing the EU conference on the role of the Palestinian youth in Europe; quite a telling event on its own. The way in which Ms Ashton reacted to the crime in Toulouse shocked the world. That muttered half a phrase was incredibly cold and ignorant; but it was also quite telling. The old devoted Stalinist Catherine Ashton just was herself when uttering that low, stupid, and outrageously unfair comment.

Whatever her office has produced hurriedly in order to rebuke the international outcry, stating in their irritated note that "the phrase" of Mme Ashton "was distorted by one of the wires", we all had a perfect chance to watch her appearance first-hand; the episode was televised and broadcast widely, to the misfortune of her perplexed office. And even usually neutral TV commentators and anchors addressed the TV audience saying "you'll form your own opinion on what you are about to see now". This does not happen often in the prevailing politically correct European television.

Comrade Ashton's half a phrase did not include a single word about the cold-blooded massacre of the three year-old child, the four year-old child, the eight year-old child, and the 30 year-old father of the first two small ones, nor about the very seriously wounded seventeen year-old youth (but then, he was not a Palestinian), who all were exterminated, that's the word, only for being Jewish. She has produced her customary vague mumbling on "what is going on these days in the world with children", lumping together the tragedy with a bus accident in Switzerland – what on the earth a traffic accident has to do with the racist-motivated cold murder of children in broad day light in the centre of Europe? In the same phrase, Ms Ashton mentioned the Norwegian terror act that has happened an year ago, and then she went on with that spectacular comparison, on "what's going today in Toulouse, what is going on in Gaza" – pause and in clearly lower voice and very quickly – "and Sderot", all those terrible things which are happening" – as if they were occurring like rain from heaven – "with children in the world today".

Thanks to the televised recording, we all could see that many senior EU officials sitting next to Mme Ashton became nervous, disturbed and felt quite uncomfortable at that point. Many of them started to send messages from their iphones instantly. A cook at the European Council kitchen did not blink her eye. She said what she meant. And it is up to her government and the leadership of the European Council to react to that disgraceful act.


It is important to know that this is certainly not the first time the highest European official responsible for EU's foreign policy demonstrates her blatant Stalinist way, her utter bias against Israel, and now against the Jewish people overall.

It is crystal clear, it is self-evident, and such a biased person has no right to occupy the seat she has been placed onto not because of her merits, but according to British and world media, 'as a piece of furniture', to occupy it on behalf of the British government, as a result of Gordon Brown's bargain with the European leaders, and solely due to the fact that she is a personal friend of Tony Blair's. Two and a half years ago there was a leftist government in the UK; today the government consists of a quite civilised, capable and reasonable cabinet led by Conservatives Leader David Cameron. And cook Ashton has become a liability for them.

Now we all, the European taxpayers, are not just subsidising the conferences on the influence of Palestinian youth on our lives thanks to Ashton's policies, we are also pleased to hear that senior Hamas leaders are praising her Toulouse statement: "Ashton's declarations are worthy of appreciation and support due to Israel's attempts to pressure her" - said a senior member of the terror movement, Izzat al-Rishq, on his Facebook page, according to European news agencies.

This is certainly a big step forward in international politics – the highest European official responsible for the foreign policy of 27 states is praised by seniors of Hamas over her stand of the extermination of small Jewish children.

It might be worth reminding the public that Ms Ashton has never been elected for her current, extremely important seat; indeed never in her entire career has she been elected to any of the high positions she has held thanks to her very useful friendship with Mr Blair, and shared ideological platform with Mr Brown. It is also important to remember that in the very peak of the Soviet communist offensive against the West from the mid 1970s through mid 1980s, Cathie Ashton was an administrator and then national treasurer and vice president of the infamous CND, anti-nuclear campaign movement in the UK, solely financed by the USSR and used by the USSR as one of their most vocal and useful tools during the Cold War. When the European Parliament attempted to make an inquiry into that disturbing episode of Ashton's career, her office simply refused access to the details of these activities. And for some inexplicable reason, this refusal has been allowed. Why?.. The European taxpayers have the right to know the answer to this question.

As well as we have the right to know why the position of the head of the pan-European politics is occupied by a person who does not know any other languages except her mother-tongue (her French is disastrous, and she is not the commander of the external relations of a jungle village, after all); by a person who had no knowledge or experience, or any background in foreign policy at all at the time she was appointed; and who was the only one of all the high-ranking EU officials to receive the lowest E grade in a special survey of the EU officials' performance conducted a year ago – signifying pretty clearly that she did not learn anything at all during her time in the highest EU office. According to that survey, no one from the tens of top officials whose performance was examined went below grade D in its A-to-E scale; no one, except Cathie Ashton. So, she is a real star in the European Council. According to the same survey, 69% of over 300 most influential decision-makers of the European Union characterised Ashton's performance as "disappointing and below average". One should think that 'average' would be enough of an insult for a person in such a position. But being characterised as being 'below average' in a survey commissioned by the European Council is really convincing.

But even more importantly, serious attention must be paid to the fact that the influence of the EU foreign affairs' boss also extends to several crucial positions at the top of global foreign policy, such as European External Action Service, a new pan-European special service, the European Defence Agency, and the European Institute of Security Studies. The European leader of foreign affairs also has a major role in all kinds of international conflict resolutions, from Afghanistan to North Korea and back, and everything in the incredibly unstable and dangerous Middle East, quite notably. Such kind of position simply cannot be allowed to be occupied by such an incompetent person with such peculiar moral standards.


Her having that background and such 'achievements', one should not be really surprised when hearing Mme Ashton'sstatement on "Vladimir Putin's clear victory" in the recent Russian elections which had been so obviously orchestrated that one should be really professionally blind not to notice it. Amusingly, a few hours after this 'pearl' of a statement, the European Parliament published its own resolution pointedly criticising the numerous shortcomings and violations during the very same elections. Meanwhile, the people in Russia were genuinely perplexed about the EU's and its Council's seeming 'schizophrenia' in their mixed messages.

Neither should one ask, really, why the highest foreign policy chief in Europe is so completely and serenely ignorant of the outrage of annual Waffen SS veterans' marches in the centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia, an EU member state. But this is an impossible thing to ignore. How on the earth could the EU be so completely innocuous towards such open and scandalous demonstrations of pro-Nazi sympathies in the middle of Europe in the XXI century? When will 'enough' be 'enough' in this mockery of 'never again'? And what is the role of EU's highest official on foreign affairs if not to tackle the ongoing glorification of Nazism – but of course, the centre of Riga is not Gaza; it is only Toulouse that is comparable to Gaza in the eyes of Mme Ashton...

To have the nerve to compare publicly the Toulouse massacre with Gaza, one should have no brain, no heart, no sense of reality, not even elementary knowledge, and no skills to run any office at all. That did not happened in a late night pub scene during a friendly chat between some dead-drunk IRA veterans, it was declared absolutely consciously by the highest EU official responsible for EU's entire foreign policy. This is completely unacceptable by all civilised standards. A die-hard Stalinist with her publicly declared contempt of the Jewish people and Jewish life, after all that has occurred in the past, has no moral or professional right to lead the foreign policy office of any civilised state or organisation. Her prospects are not that bad, though. She has a good chance to be hired by Hamas, where she will be at home. At last.

March 20th, 2012. 
Turku, Finland 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2012

Dr Inna Rogatchi is president of The Rogatchi Foundation, and a senior expert on international affairs

First published in The JERUSALEM CONNECTION REPORT, Washington, D.C., on March 21st, 2012

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