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What to Call Smiling Assassins?

Posted 30/12/2008

By Inna Rogatchi 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2008

First published in The Baltic Times, December 2008


Saturday Nov. 29 was the second birthday of Moshe Holtzberg, the son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka. On the previous evening, which happened to be the Shabbat night, he became an orphan - his 28-year-old mother and 29-year-old father fell victim to the vicious terror attack in Mumbai.

The very same day a 9-year-old Indian boy, who lost his hand and fingers in the same attack, was about to be released from the hospital in Mumbai - but doctors were hesitant to let him go because he has no family left. His entire family had been assassinated in the three-day long siege that claimed about 200 innocent civilian lives and wounded more than 350 people, many of them critically.

Although the attack has been covered extensively by world media, the attention has been grabbed mostly by the footage from two luxury Mumbai hotels, and - understandably under the circumstances - by the Jewish Center where six people, including Rabbi and his wife, were killed in cold and calculated hatred.

What, for some reason, have been overlooked by the media are real-life carnage scenes from the Mumbai main railway station, the city hospital, the airport, and the other sites of the coordinated attack, a total of 11 different places.

It was not very difficult to attack India as the country is not very well prepared for coordinated massacres. To hit the financial heart of India was very purposeful because the country is arising as a mighty financial world center - especially after financial collapse of the U.S., echoed by the crisis in the rest of the Western world.

One can understand, maybe, why the media were so consciously avoiding coverage of the railway station, where the most of the victims had been killed, completely and intentionally indiscriminately. The bloodiest movie in the world cannot compete with real life scenes from the station: bodies, bodies, bodies, blood, blood, blood. The most horrible picture one can - but would rather not - imagine.

As a matter of fact, that very scene should be shown to the people around the world over and over again - as this is the truly face of the fanatical Islamic terrorism. As each and every one of us could become the next victim of this major menace of our times - as did those hundreds of tourists, businessmen, workers, nurses, taxi-drivers, passer-bys, children, elderly, honey-moon makers, you name it, from at least 12 countries in addition to India - the civilized world ought to recognize the face and to know the name of this menace as it is.

But what's amazing it is the treatment which the terrorists - not the victims - are getting from both the media, and some of so-called experts. Those who are working in media are aware that some of the biggest leading international media institutions have introduced 'in-house' instructions that forbid calling terrorists as such - so audience world-wide is getting all kinds of nicer names for them, from 'attackers' to 'militants', always in an emphatically generalized way.

A shocked Indian people had no time to bury hundreds of their dead as some so-called experts on international security rushed to offer their "solutions": the further appeasement of known extremists, but foremost of all - "to stop to use 'terrorists' word in a wrong way. Those who did it in Mumbai are just criminals" - stated in a fresh analysis by one of the most widely known international security organizations based in Germany.

The massive coordinated attack on American Thanksgiving Day, singling out Westerners first, then singling out from those the Americans, Brits and Jews, killing two Rabbis on Shabbat, killing hundreds of people in such an essential place for India as railway-station - all this is not a statement of nothing but a sheer terror? This is so screamingly unprofessional that it should not be worthy of noting.

But the people who are rushing to disseminate these views are professionals with decades of experience in this field. This is intentionally and voluntarily misleading the public. This is also the first sign of pressure on Indians to take a more appeasing stand toward those behind the recent vicious and massive terrorist attack.

Those people who are in such a rush to distort the truth, to pervert reality, are not just making not naive mistake. They are not naive people. Those who gave instructions to their journalists not to name terrorists also are not just mistaken. They are professional enough to know the value and purpose of a term in media. And none of those people were taken by surprise.

Those people are assisting evil. They are motivated by cowardice. But this is exactly what terrorists are looking for. First and foremost they are looking for a psychological victory - by dissimilating fear ahead of them and their actions.

Not a single ostrich survived by burying its head into the sand. They always fall prey to predators who really do not mind their pose while hacking at their victim with tooth and claw. But probably, in order to help ostriches survive in a wild nature, we shall abandon the use of the term 'predator,' replacing it with 'just a hungry animal?'... Would it 'improve' their instincts?

It would be worthy to remind all those ostrich-patrons that, according to official reports, Islamic terrorists firing their guns in the crowded Mumbai railway station were occupied with only one thing, in fact - they were smiling.

November 30, 2008 
© Inna Rogatchi, 2008

INNA ROGATCHI is a writer and political analyst. Her current project is called "Mentality of Betrayal" and includes documentaries and a book.

First published in The Baltic Times, December 2008.

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