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Evgeny Kissin, A Miracle of Enlightened Spirit

Posted 26/11/2013

By Inna Rogatchi - November 2013


The Rogatchi Foundation salutes to Evgeny Kissin, a new citizen of Israel

November 2013

One day before Chanukah, very special news has become public: an outstanding musician of our time, maestro Evgeny Kissin, is going to receive Israeli citizenship on December 7th, on the eve of his charitable recital in Jerusalem.

The state of Israel is providing citizenship to maestro Kissin, a citizen of the UK, in recognition of his outstanding public stand on behalf of Israel, in accordance with the corresponding law of the country passed in 2004. A famous dissident, the current head of the Jewish Agency for Israel known as Sochnut Natan Scharansky has addressed the Israeli government on the issue with his support for providing Israeli citizenship to Evgeny Kissin.

Evgeny Kissin's Hatikva. Original art collage by Inna Rogatchi (c) 2013

Evgeny Kissin's Hatikva. Original art collage by Inna Rogatchi © 2013

Kissin's devotion to Israel is manifested in many ways and walks of life, from the musician's public stand against the BBC's customary bias against Israel, to Kissin's charity concerts in Jerusalem in support of young musicians coming to study in the capital of Israel. In May 2013, Evgeny Kissin was awarded The Artist of the Year Award by the biggest in the USA Jewish Children's Museum in New York. Also in May 2013, Kissin wad celebrated at the annual charity gala at the YIVO institute in New York for his mighty creative input in the world of Yiddish culture. At the event, YIVO's chairman Elie Wiesel shared his cheering and amazement at the way the giantly talented musician is also contributing largely into the world of literature - which is only natural for the person that Evgeny Kissin is. With all might and nobility of his perception of the world, Evgeny also publicly supports causes which need the public's attention - he was an instrumental force in organising a famous concert of international stars in Strasbourg in support of Mikhail Khodorkosvky in 2010. He has actively and readily supported The Rogatchi Foundation campaigns in support of Jewish orphans in Ukraine in the effort to help them with receiving a proper education. In February 2014, maestro Kissin would be giving a special concert of Jewish music at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C., participating in the Charles and Robbin Krauthammer's Pro Musica Hebraica festival.

He is known as 'Pianist for Freedom', and he lives up to his understanding of it. He is also known as a fair and strong advocate for Israel all over the world. Being an eight-year old boy and then living under the full-sized Soviet totalitarianism, Evgeny decided on his 'epitaph'-to-be. The boy decided that on his stone, there should be written: "Here lies Evgeny Kissin, the son of the Jewish people". For anyone familiar with Soviet realities, this moral act of this boy alone gives all characteristics of his person and his devotion to his people and their country. When the boy grew up and beaome an outstanding musician adored by millions all over the world, the star giving the interview on the eve of his big charity recital in Jerusalem, answered a question on what he would like to say to Jerusalem's inhabitants, similarly laconically: "I envy you". In between, this titan of the world of music studies the language of his grandparents, creates his masterly poetry in Yiddish, and recorded two albums of him reciting Yiddish poetry in a powerful and fully professional way. Talking with us on receiving citizenship of the state of Israel, the maestro said: "I would like to support Israel in this way, too".

Consciously and determinedly, Evgeny Kissin supports the state of his people with all of his talent, and the huge resources of his firm and beautiful Jewish soul.

These kinds of souls are behind the miracles which are quite an essential element of the entire Jewish history and the Jewish way of life.

The news of Evgeny Kissin's Israeli citizenship was made public on the eve of Chanukah - the holiday of a miraculous power of light. Not surprisingly, Chanukah occurs at the darkest time of every given year, to contradict the power of darkness. With people like Evgeny Kissin, Jewish people - and the rest of the world - can be assured that the concept of a miracle is more realistic than many of the short-sighted and under-educated foes of Israel could have ever imagined.

The Rogatchi Foundation salutes our dear friend and member of our International Advisory Board maestro Evgeny Kissin whole-heartedly. In this 5774 Jewish year, Chanukah is exemplified to us by the power of this enlightened spirit, a wonderful son of the Jewish people, Evgeny Kissin.

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