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The Jewish Way of Michael Rogatchi

Posted 28/2/2011


Michael Rogatchi has expressed the tragedy of the Holocaust in quite a laconic way. The artist does not cross the border of taste and measure. In the tone of his works, thought is very deep and can still be perfectly self-controlled. And this is especially important while dealing with such a painful theme.

The one painting, the very same after which the exhibition had been named, The Way, was not exhibited in Espoo, however. A couple of months before the exhibition, Michael Rogatchi presented the painting to Simon Wiesenthalwho liked it very much and expressed his warm gratitude to Michael. "It is impossible to have made a better choice for the present made to very this person," - Alan Levy, the great American writer and journalist, author of the famous book The Wiesenthal File, said during a modest but touching ceremony while Rogatchi's painting was being delivered to Wiesenthal in his Jewish Documentation Centre in Vienna.

People visiting The Jewish Way exhibition are staying there for a surprisingly long while. It is really hard to leave that uneasy celebration of Memory.


Professor Mika Vuola, Finland.

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