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Posted 12/2/2017

Publication in The JerUSAlem Connection Report, Washington D.C.

Under the Skies of Jerusalem - the article can be read here.


Under the Skies of Jerusalem is the last of the new ZION WALTZ series of large oil canvasses that Michael Rogatchi has completed recently. The exhibition of the Rogatchi’s 30 art works has been invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of re-unification of Jerusalem as the official part of the celebration later this year. It would be also shown at the festivals of Jewish culture in Scotland, ​London, ​Australia and USA.

Two other art works, Adagio-40 and I Love You Much Too Much, named after famous Yiddish tango, are also ​the ​recent works of the artist.

Accompanied art video portrays very well-known Jewish Melody original art series of Michael Rogatchi –

The series had its inauguration at the IV World Litvak Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, as the only solo art exhibition there​ and it had its six months’ exhibition at the Vilnius Public Jewish Library in the capital of Lithuania. Later on, ​it ​was shown in Tallinn at four-moths ​prestigious art exhibition at the Tallinn spectacular New Synagogue​. The series ​will be exhibited in London in the autumn 2017.

Inna and Michael Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation are sending their warm artistic ​Tu B’Shevat ​greetings to all The JerUSAlem Connection Report readers​.

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