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Posted 17/9/2017


The Rogatchi Foundation Annual Humanist of the Year International Award laureates for year 2017


Media-release  ~ September 18th,  2017


The Rogatchi Foundation is happy to announce our laureates for the Annual Humanist of the Year Award for year 2017:


Pirkko Säilä, Finland -  Life-long Achievements Award, for decades of all-consuming , compassionate, fair, and exemplarily moral activities worldwide;


Dr Elisabeth Kehrer, Austria - Award in Convictions Category, for demanding, challenging, ongoing multiplied contributions and stand for the sake of humanity;


Prof. Rainer Mahlamäki, Finland -  Award in Commitment Category, for outstanding contribution into the landscape of the memory world-wide;


Dr Pawel Machcewicz, Poland - Award in Devotion Category, for the long-pursued contribution into the public understanding of humanity as a core value of history.


PIRKKO SÄILÄ is a legendary humanitarian who has spent forty years in never-stopping help and assistance to people all around the globe, from Romania to Sudan. Pirkko spent 40 years as the leader of the Finnish Humanitarian Patmos Foundation, the organisation that provides enormous help to people in the most daring circumstances globally. We admire Pirkko’s commitment, her understanding, resolution, willingness to help and to make the world the better place in the literal meaning of the word.




















Special Art Award for Pirkko Säilä is specially created by  Michael Rogatchi his painting From the Window of Mercy  ( oil on canvas, 56 x 46 cm, 2017).






Dr ELISABETH KEHRER is internationally renowned diplomat, the Ambassador of Austria in Finland who is finishing her 5-year term towards the end of year 2017.  



At any place where Dr Kehrer had been working during her distinguished career, from New York and Chicago to Dublin and Helsinki, she is known also as the Ambassador-at-large for arts and culture, with exquisite taste, knowledge and understanding of it, and enriching the culture and life of the countries where she has been posted and the country she represents, mutually, to its best. Importantly, Dr Kehrer is a rare person whose  deep and firm convictions for humanity are not only transparent, but are imperative in everything she does, from the memory of the Holocaust to youth education. 

















Special Art Award for Dr Elisabeth Kehrer is created for her exclusively 3D art engraving  in the Finnish natural crystal rock of the specially created by Michael Rogatchi image: Michael Rogatchi ©. Love Song. Exclusive 3D engraving in crystal rock. Finland. 2017. 




Prof. RAINER MAHLAMÄKI is a pride of Finland as the one of the world’s most talented architects.


He also is a Humanist with a big H who is able to make the pillar of decent existence a core element of his and his team outstanding works of architecture such as POLIN Museum, The Lost Shtetl Memorial and Museum, The UK Holocaust Memorial and Educational Centre project, The Leningrad Siege Museum project. All those projects are much more than buildings of a rare beauty and unique aesthetic vision and qualities. In those architectural creations, human heart does speak to all of us, and that heart is wise, delicate, erudite and commemorative. Rainer’s attitude towards architecture lifts it up to the new level of human activity and creativity and makes it a memorial to a soul.












Special Art Award for Rainer Mahlamäki is unique print created specially by Inna Rogatchi: Inna Rogatchi ©. The Light of the Way. Based on the Rainer Mahlamäki’ design for the POLIN museum. Authored pigment print on cotton museum velin archival paper. 50x 40 cm. Unique. 2017.



Dr PAWEL MACHCEWICZ  is internationally well-known Polish historian who during all his career and in many of his important works on modern history of the WWII and the Cold War was striving to the truth and objectivity. During  the last decade, from 2005 onward, Dr Machcewicz was in charge with magnanimous task of building and creating the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland, that is understood to be the largest WWII Museum in the world. The result of the massive undertaking of Dr Machcewicz and his team as it could be seen soon after the opening of the museum in the spring 2017, was an emphatic hymn to humanity in all and every theme presented in the museum flooded by the public from the day one of its opening. Except that the museum director and the chief creator of its important main exhibition Dr Machcewicz has been ousted from his position by the current Polish government immediately after his creation had opened its door to the public, as a part of the worrisome ongoing effort of blatant revisionism of history. We do hope that Dr Machcewicz will be able to continue his important work at his new positions to benefit all those who are seeing history through a prism of truth and compassion.









Special Art Award for Dr Pawel Machcewicz is unique print of the art photo collage created by Inna Rogatchi: Inna Rogatchi ©. Bitter Winds, Homage to Bruno Schultz. Authored pigment print on cotton museum velin archival paper. 50x 40 cm. 2017. Unique.




The Rogatchi Foundation cordially congratulates all our wonderful distinguished  laureates and wishes them  more great achievements for the sake of humanity.


The Rogatchi Foundation Humanity of the Year laureates will receive the Special Diploma and individual art Awards which will be handed to each of them at the different celebrative ceremonies in Finland  between November 2017 and January 2018. The events of handing the Award to the laureates will be announced in a due course.


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