International Advisory Board

Yigal Amedi  – Chairman, National Council for Arts & Culture, former long-term Acting Mayor of Jerusalem, Israel

Petras Austrevicius – MEP, senior Member of European Parliament, leading European politician, Lithuania

Marie-Helene Berard – Chair, MHB S.A., former long-term advisor to President Chirac, Treasurer, The Chirac Foundation, France

Belinda Hanson – leading  philanthropist, chair of Oxford Art Charity for Children, the UK

Ambassador Yoseef Haseen – leading international lawyer, well-known Israeli Ambassador to many countries, Israel

Brig. General James M. Hutchens– leading philanthropist, founder, The JerUSAlem Connection organisation, Washington D.C., USA

Christopher James – leading diplomat, long-term chairman, Herefordshire Cathedral Society, the UK

Sari Essayah – leading politician, Chair, Christian-Democratic party, Finland, former long-term Member of European Parliament, Olympic medalist, Finland

Ambassador Dr Elisabeth Kehrer – senior diplomat, head of the Department of Americas, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Austria 

Maestro Evgeny Kissin – outstanding musician, piano player and composer, the UK

Prof. Rainer Mahlamäki – World-renown architect, author of POLIN Museum, co-founder and head, LMA Architects, Finland 

Dr Shelley R Neese – well-known historian, expert on history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, President of The JerUSAlem Connection organisation, Washington D.C. , USA

Prof. Domenica Taruscio  –  world-renowned scientist, Head of the Italian National Institute of Health, Chair of the European Association of Rare Diseases Scientists, founder of Italian National Il Volo di Pegaso Arts, Literature and Music Award, Italy 

Dr Herta von Stiegel – leading philanthropist, former long-term chair of the Women’s Council, The Prince’s Trust, and Club 2000, the UK

Juha Vänskä – well-known Finnish diplomat, former Hear of the Information Group, Department for Communication,  Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland


Rogatchi Foundation Board and our International Advisory Board are expressing our all’ heartfelt gratitude to our dear friend and colleague, famous composer Anatoly Senderovas who used to be our long-term member of the Foundation Internationally Advisory Board and enriched us all with his talent, his warm and generous soul, his great experience and his vision. 

Anatolius Senderovas – leading modern composer, Lithuania ( 1945 – 2019).