Inna Rogatchi’s Series of Articles on Ukraine

A series of analytical articles by Inna Rogatchi on the important tendencies in Ukraine has been published internationally and widely. As many as five articles have been published by the Israel National NewsThe Baltic Times, and Aish.Com. In those articles, Dr Rogatchi analyses the dangerous and persistent tendencies and trends of current Ukrainian policies focusing on the glorification of Nazi-collaborators and officially endorsed neo-Nazi movements.

All five articles have had wide international recognition, with different aspects of the current Ukrainian policies examined in detail, and have been widely re-published.

The Israel National News publication of the three-article series has focused on the negligence of history by the Ukrainian leadership and authorities. The Israel National News is a leading publication in Israel. All three stories have been the main op-ed pieces at the Israel National News.

The Baltic Times article has focused on European and Baltic policies toward Ukraine and the lack of attention to the worrisome tendencies in their internal policies. The article there has also been the main op-ed story of this leading English-language newspaper in the Baltic region.

The story in Aish.Com has concentrated on the historical perspective of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism and its current revival in the country officially endorsed by Ukrainian authorities. The article in Aish.Com has also been the leading story in Current Issues, has been highly popular among its readers, and has been re-published widely internationally. Aish.Com is the most authoritative and popular Jewish-themed internet portal in the world, with over 1,5 million regular readers.