The Rogatchi Foundation Guardians of Kindness 2015

The Rogatchi Foundation is very glad to announce its Guardian of Kindness 2015. In our traditional summary of the supportive and special activities in the wide field of philanthropy, we are saluting those of our supporters and friends who were exemplary in their gracious generosity and inspiring in their understanding and feeling for the causes they had supported, thus setting a unique and ever stimulating lead for so many others.

The Rogatchi Foundation is extremely grateful and honoured to be supported and to co-operate with Varda Yoran, American sculptor, the wife of 59-years of the late legendary Shalom Yoran, the author of The Defiant book, a must-read for everyone interested in modern history.

Residing in Brooklyn, New York, Mrs Yoran is a strong, interesting, original sculptor whose works can be found all around the globe, with her newest creation to be erected in Peru next year. A person of an extra-ordinary biography, Varda is a passionate person who, on the basis of her and her husband’s unbelievable life; an experience which has been marked with many real battles and striving to survive, understands and feels for others, especially those in danger, oppression and need. That’s why, according to her own words, Varda Yoran had no second thought of helping the Jewish people from Ukraine to made Aliyah, to come to Israel, for a normal and authentic life there. We are saluting our dear friend and role-model Varda with all our hearts.

Three other Guardians of Kindness in 2015 are Dr Elisabeth Kehrer, Ambassador of Austria in Finland; a world-renowned philanthropist and leading business figure Mr Glynn Cohen, and Maestro Evgeny Kissin, all of them are devoted and long-standing and active friends of The Rogatchi Foundation:

Dr Elisabeth Kehrer is consistently implementing the line of active memory, contributing in a dignified, thoughtful and meaningful way to the process of enrooting the legacy of a concious attitude to our recent history and the formation of a just and deep understanding of our roots and our history, and to the ongoing and very difficult process of building on the foundation of humanity. The Rogatchi Foundation has found in the personality of Dr Elisabeth Kehrer a very important partner whose contribution to the general cause of humanistic philanthropy has become highly valuable for the Foundation and our work.

The leading international philanthropist and well-known businessman Mr Glynn Cohen is a consistent supporter of our Foundation. This year, his contribution to the South African Chevra Hadisha charity organisation in the names of the co-founders of The Rogatchi Foundation enabled them to feed as many, as 3000 people. We are extremely grateful to our dear friend Glynn and his wonderful family for such an extra-ordinary generosity which vitalises the very terms of ‘philanthropy’, ‘charity’, ‘help’ and infuses it with real meaning.

Our dear friend, Maestro Evgeny Kissin is one of the most faithful and consistent supporters of our Foundation, and he helps our work on different causes and directions. This year, he supported a new method to our activities, our Partner-Campaigning on behalf of our partners in an effort to help those in need. We are always overwhelmed by Evgeny Kissin’s Big Heart and his impeccable feeling for a Good Cause.

All these people are great and unique personalities; and they proved themselves in life and in their careers in a big way. The fact that they feel the need of others, other people’s needs, pain, quest for help, and often an urgent and immediate help, entitles these great personalities – a sculptor, a diplomat, a businessman, and a great musician – to be recognised as compassionate makers of Good. All of them are not manifesting their ongoing charitable deeds, all four of them are very quiet; all four behave in their big philanthropy in a very understated way – as only really big people can do.

The Rogatchi Foundation is cordially grateful to these great people, and proclaims them proudly and thankfully The Rogatchi Foundation Guardians of Kindness 2015. Special Diplomas and valuable art work are marking the annual honourable title bestowed by The Rogatchi Foundation.