Letter of Gratitude to The Rogatchi Foundation from the Ambassador of Italy in Finland

In his Letter of gratitude to Inna and Michael Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation in connection with the launching of the FRIENDLY HANDS campaign in support of the people and communities of Italy that have been affected by the devastating earthquake in August 2016, the Ambassador of Italy in Finland, HE Gabriele Altana has written:

“I truly appreciate your initiative and joint exhibition at the Spazio MatER Art Gallery & Culture and Educational Centre in Rome. The art work created for this charity campaign express the value of art in situations like this. I find your initiative to be remarkable and appreciate your apparently strong and deep connection to the Italian people and cultural heritage”.

The Rogatchi Foundation Special Art Charitable Campaign is be carried on from August through December 2016 and it is done in conjunction with Inna and Michael Rogatchi’s joint exhibition at the Spazio MatER Art Gallery in Rome from November to December 2016.

August 2016



Special charitable campaign in support of the victims of the earthquake in Italy in August 2016


August 28, 2016

Michael and Inna Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation are announcing the start of the FRIENDLY HANDS Special Charitable campaign in support of the victims of the devastating earthquake in Italy in August 2016.

In November-December 2016, the artistic couple will have their joint exhibition at the Spazio MatER Art Gallery & Culture and Educational Centre in Rome where together with the gallery’s team led by Ilaria Sergi they will conduct a series of special art charity events in support of the people and communities that have suffered so much because of the earthquake.

Each of the artists has designated a special art work for this campaign. Michael’s work is Vivaldi. Le Primavera(mixed technique on cotton paper) from his famed Divertimento original art series. Inna’s work is Pine Songs Vfrom her Haiku Album series. For the purpose of the charity campaign, Inna will produce a unique authored print of this work in a special size and medium.

Before the Rogatchis’ exhibition will be opened, The Rogatchi Art Gallery will start to produce prints of these art works to make the campaign more efficient and far reaching.

A Limited Special Edition of 50 numbered and signed prints of Michael’s Vivaldi. Le Primavera (50 x 40 cm, matted in museum matt); and a Limited Special Deluxe Edition of 50 of Inna’s Pine Songs V matted with golden leaf will be produced for the campaign.

The Rogatchi Foundation will also produce special collectable art posters, limited edition art cards and deluxe New Season and New Year greetings art cards of these two designated art images, all for this special campaign.

Inna & Michael Rogatchi are acting in this matter by continuing their efforts of almost 30 years of international philanthropy. Their professional and human connections with Italy are deep and wide. Previously, The Rogatchi Foundation, together with their Italian partners organised a successful special charitable art auction in connection with the notable Rogatchi Blues exhibition of Michael Rogatchi’s art works in Florence in support of the child victims of the Fukushima disaster in Japan and for orphan aid in Africa (May 2011).

Both Michael and Inna Rogatchi have had numerous exhibitions of their art work and film presented in Italy and for many years have been invited artists at special exhibitions and events in Rome, Venice and Florence regularly. They also have been invited guests at the RAI Special event on the occasion of the Italian premiere of Inna Rogatchi’s film The Lessons of Survival (January 2016).

Artists Inna and Michael Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation are hopeful that their many friends, both in Italy and world-wide would be interested and willing to participate in this special campaign for this dramatic and very touching human cause.

More information about this campaign will be posted at several locations:

The Rogatchi Art Gallery Facebook page

Inna Rogatchi’s Facebook page

Rogatchi Films 
– www.rogatchifilms.org – 

It will be also posted at the Spazio MatER Art Gallery site and their Facebook pages.

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