AT THE SAME TIME: Joint Exhibition of Michael and Inna Rogatchi in Rome, November – December 2016

Inna and Michael Rogatchi’s At The Same Time: Rome Art Exhibition Poster

On Thursday November 3th 2016, at 7pm, following the greetings of Dr Giovanna Melandri, President of the Maxxi Foundation, and Dr Ruth Dureghello, President of the Jewish Comminity of Rome, at the Loft Gallery Spazio MatEr, via Ludovico Muratori 11 Rome (Colosseo), will be held the Opening Event of the exhibition “AT THE SAME TIME”, display of the fine art photographs and original paintings created by Inna and Michael Rogatchi, Finland.

The well-known director and photographer and renowned artist will return to Rome after being here for the presentation of the Inna’s documentary film “The Lessons of Survival”, held at the Sala degli Arazzi at the RAI’s headquarters. The movie is an insightful series of conversations with Simon Wiesenthal who, after surviving deportation to concentration camps during World War II, dedicated his life to the search and the capture of the Nazis.

On this occasion of their first joint exhibition, Inna and Michael Rogatchi will present their collection of work in the fields of painting and fine art photography, presenting several of the projects accomplished during their long and intense artistic careers, beside a new art film created in honor of the city of Rome. The Film, Timeless in Motion:Rome credits in its Special Thanks HE Archbishop Ganswein, the Prefect of the House of Pontific, who had been instrumental figure in the organizing a special private visit for the artistic couple to the Raphael’s Loggia which is stay closed for the public, for a very good reasons, for over 550 years.


“AT THE SAME TIME”. The steps of a man and a woman into the world. The steps of Inna and Michael Rogatchi, Finnish artists of international mindset and fame that choose Rome to exhibit their recent works. A path between Michael’s paintings and crucial for him the world of music, and Inna’s photography and directing. It is a parallel and constant path that sees the couple united not only in life, but also in art. The tenderness of the gaze, the gentleness, the poetry and the innovation of Inna’s photographs tell the story of a world of possibilities that interlaces in itself the power of memory, as a tool of evolution, with the lyrical music originated by Michael’s paintings. The exhibition becomes, therefore, “An Atlas of Emotions”, undertaking a double meaning: showing “the life together” by using different trails that are nevertheless coming from the same feelings.


“REALITY” is the leading theme in this exposition. Perceived and lived through “At the Same Time” by a man and a woman, and transformed through different mediums of imaginary: photography and paintings.

Horizon Beyond: Inna Rogatchi’s creative force in this production inspires the human being to an introspection with renewed spirituality. In an increasingly horizontal and “indistinctive” society, it is a call for a returning look into ourselves, with a photographic perspective that becomes the extension of the eye and of the heart. It is both innovative and humanistic form of art.

Flying Thoughts: presents a series of latest works created and produced specifically for this Roman exhibition at the Loft Gallery Spazio MatER.

From the Window of Mercy: it is a project of “photo-therapy”. Since the historical vanguards, photography was used as a tool of existential inquiry by the artists, collocating itself in a border area between art and psychology. This is exactly what happens within Inna’s photography project, always sensible and near those who suffer.

The Sixth Sense: Venice series: one of the most important projects of Inna Rogatchi, deeply connected with Italy. A union between her and her husband’s Michael artistic worlds. Italy is a significant source of the inspiration in their works.

Haiku Album is a research work developed by Inna Rogatchi on the Japanese art, from which her photography enhances the appreciation for fine symbolism and philosophy in art. Inna developed several series on Japanese motifs, and is now collaborating with the leading American gallery specialized in Japanese art: the Ronin Gallery of New York, where, in 2017, her exhibition is expected.

Those are the photography projects that Inna Rogatchi is about to present in Rome. Poetry and Metaphor of reality are the ingredients of each fine art photo work that will be accompanied, in this exhibition, by short essays, aiming to tell to the spectators in more detail on the poetical allusions that are represented.

Michael Rogatchi’s work, on the other hand, represents an important body of art, the series based on the intense research that the artist realized in honor of the major names of classical music.


Inna Rogatchi is a writer, film-maker and an art photographer recognized at an international level. Her main interest is to explore the complex interlacement of the relationship between history, culture and peoples’ mentality. She participated to several personal and collective expositions in Italy and abroad, and was a Specal Guest Artist invited to do a personal exhibition concurrently with the 69th Venice Film Festival.

Michael Rogatchi is internationally renowned romantic and deep painter producing a very wide variety of works and themes, with an experience of more than 70 personal expositions worldwide. Many of his works belong to the most important public and private collections world-wide.

Inna and Michael Rogatchi are also the co-founders and co-presidents of The Rogatchi Foundation, an international charity organization that promotes and supports the historical, spiritual and heritage with educational purposes (


Special Events During the Exhibition

The Rogatchi Foundation organizes a charity auction in support of the areas and populations that were victims of the earthquake of the past August 24th with their special works created, produced and dedicated specifically for this occasion and purpose. The auction is set for Friday December 16th, from 6pm to 9pm, at the Loft Gallery Spazio MatEr.

The exhibition will be held until December 22nd, 2016, from Tuesday to Friday, from 3pm to 7pm; Saturdays upon reservation only.