Edition Winter 2022 of the Culture for Humanity Art Bulletin can bee watched and listened to here.

The Rogatchi Foundation is glad to introduce to our audience several new contributors to our Culture for Humanity Art Charity Global Initiative, who, together with our established contributors, cordially brought their talent and good will to be shared with wide international audience participating in our joined effort to diffuse multiplied psychological consequences  and negative impact of the world covid pandemic from March 2020 onward. 

The Foundation is always looking for new talents and is happy to support them. It is one of our core missions. In the case of the Culture for Humanity Global Initiative, our response to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we are finding, supporting, promoting and joining efforts not only with talented people, but namely with those whose heart mandates them to participate in constructive, important charitable activities which are aimed at a mass audience.  

We are glad to introduce the Contributors of The Rogatchi Foundation Culture for Humanity Edition Winter 2022 Art Bulletin: 

  • Sofia Becherucci, Italy
Artist Sofia Bercherucci

Sofia is a fine master of watercolour. She lives with her family and works in Milan, and actively participates in numerous international watercolour and art competitions and exhibitions. Besides her fine technique, Sofia attracted our attention by tangible humanism in her art, warmth and care that are transparent in her fine artworks. The Rogatchi Foundation awarded Sofia with our HELICON Award for Humanism in Art 2020. 

Sofia’s Artist Statement: 

Painting means to me learning to see, love and become one with what surrounds us. It is a connection to an inner energy that allows the release of thoughts and emotions into a dimension where peace and relief are abundant. 

 I like to describe with this art what I love, what I find that brings beauty around and what makes me think about different aspects of life. 

Generally when I paint, I like to tell a story that induces reflection in a slightly ironic way. 

More about Sofia and her artwork can be found at her site –

Juliete Scott, the UK

Artist Julie Scott

Juliette Scott is a very interesting, fine, unusual artist living with her family and working in Northumberland, the UK. Her art is versatile, unusual and thoughtful. Juliette demonstrates high demand to herself as an artist,  which results in a refined taste of her works and her modern aestheticism. We were very glad to hear from Juliette on her willingness to contribute in The Rogatchi Foundation Art for Hospitals ongoing initiative, and are very grateful for Juliette’s recent contribution of her works to our Foundation art donation to the new Children Hospital of the University of Turku, Finland.  

From Juliette Scott’s Artist Statement: 

Colour is one of my biggest joys in life especially colour gradations and intriguing colour combinations and my time working as an interior designer continues to influence my art.  The beauty of being a photographic artist is that I can capture the colour all around me and make further adjustments during post-processing.  My aim is to share my wonder and delight in both colour and texture with my audience. I am less interested in making images which are an exact replica of what I am seeing, instead I use what I observe as a source to develop further.   

 As a photographic artist I embrace different approaches to photography depending on what I see and feel.   

I also have an ongoing fascination with Venice; I am especially interested in the city’s wide array of textures and mesmerising reflections. Following on from my appreciation of marble I decided to learn the art of paper marbling.  

Years ago I learnt the art of gilding and I sometimes use metal leaf to highlight specific areas on my printed images. I enjoy hand-finishing my work as this process makes each image truly bespoke.  My work is colourful and uplifting as I wish to offer my audience a form of escapism. 

More about Juliette and her fascinating art can be found at her site –

Established Contributors: 

As always, we are incredibly grateful to our established Contributors with whom we are happy to cooperate for a while, great musicians from all over the world: 

  • Davide Amadio & Interpreti Veneziani, Venice, Italy – 

Interpreti Veneziani Ensemble

Interpreti Veneziani Ensemble is a pride of Venice, of music, and of the Vivaldi world. We all are very lucky and blessed with their existence and hard, brilliant work, does not matter what.

  • Prof. Giorgio Albiani, Tuscany, Italy – 
Prof. Giorgio Albiani

One of the leading guitar musicians in Italy and world-wide, prof. Albiani is also a renowned teacher, and developer  of young musical talent at the Maestro Morricone Academy for Young Musicians.  

  • Maestro Omar Cyrulnik, Buenos-Aires, Argentina – 
Maestro Omar Cyrulnik

Maestro Cyrulnik is a renowned guitar player, a star in Argentine and beyond it,  partnered with Giorgio Albiani in a world-famous DuoTango duet, and distinguished professor at the Rubin Conservatory in Israel. 

  • Pianist Valeria Resjan & Violinist Adrian Ibanez-Resjan, Helsinki, Finland – 
Valeria Resjan and Adrian Ibanez-Resjan

Resjan is a family of star musicians in Finland and beyond. Valeria is also known as a very able top accompaniator which is one of the hardest and much thought after abilities  of a professional pianist.  Adrian is a rising star on the musical horizon of Finland, Sween, Germany and other countries. He was awarded to play on a Stradivari, and the fantastic sound of his violin is a rare pleasure and important achievement of a young musician. 

The Rogatchi Foundation is also happy to find new partners in conducting Culture for Humanity Charitable Art Campaigns. 

New Partners:

Our Thank You goes to our NEW PARTNERS in the UK and Switzerland, 

Pure Arts Group UK  – –  and Kirsten Keagli Art Consulting  –

in Zurich. Both our partners were willing to support our ongoing Culture for Humanity various Charitable Art Campaigns, and we are cordially grateful to both of them for such a good cooperation, and – importantly – for a spirit of solidarity, support, mutual understanding, caring, and humanity.