In the aftermath of the October 7th, 2023 massacre in Israel, the hostage crisis has become the pain of the nation, the pain of every Jewish person world-wide, and the matter of utter concern for many people in many countries who are compassionate to the cause.  

This most painful crisis is ongoing. Despite a part of the hostages having been released, two third of 242 people are still in captivity in the conditions which have become known now in more detail: inside the tunnels, under-nutrient, under 24/7 fear and pressure, in the darkness in all senses of the word. 

 Those who have been released are under such a serious psychological stress that only evaluation of their psychological conditions would take six months, according to the medical authorities. 

The same is true also for many members of the families of the Israeli former and current hostages. All those people, both in Israel and in some other countries, have been going and many of them still are going through mental and physical hell of non-stop suffering. The gravity of this ongoing trial and the trauma just cannot be overestimated. 

All those people, the hostages and their families, both released and those who are still held captive, do need prolonged and efficient care and help, both immediately and for a substantial period of time. 

In order to help to provide such focused and much needed assistance, we have launched our second international art charitable initiative of the series of our aid to Israel and its people affected by the October 7th, 2023,  Psalms Country.

This aid action is based on Michael Rogatchi’s Psalms Country series of stunning original drawings reflecting on various psalms, the source of reflection and remedy from distress. 

This growing collection includes the works which the artist has created before, as those which he decided to create for this purpose specifically. 

The proceeds from the Psalms Country charitable campaign goes directly to the support of the psychological care of the hostages and their families. We are working on this with our trustworthy partners in Israel. 


The growing Psalms Country collection can be seen here: 

Michael Rogatchi PSALMS COUNTRY Collection – specially for Hostages in Distress Appeal.

To participate in the Hostages in Distress campaign, you are welcome to choose any available work from the Psalms Country collection.  

All works are mounted on a museum custom-made double-passepartout. 

In order to simplify the logistics of the campaign, we have decided to set a fixed price for any of those original art works. The price is Eur 1 500.00 for a work. 

After making your choice, please place your orders at

We will come back to you with all further information. 

 Every work comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity with its evaluated price and insurance value. 

We are shipping the works with couriers, safely and quickly. All tailored works are shipped by professional art shipping couriers. 



Special link to the Compassion, Love, Care campaign –

Bank Transfer – the details will be provided upon placing the order. 

We are always happy to answer your questions. 

 Thank you for your support in this truly special and acutely needed campaign. 

The Rogatchi Foundation