The Rogatchi Foundation Humanist of the Year 2018 Award ceremony in Rome, Italy. March 2019. (C) Giovanni Pietrantonio.

It was a special pleasure to have our ceremony at the place with the memorial to the great Rita Levi-Montalcini, Senator, the Nobel laureate in neurobiology, extra-ordinary human being who was and still be an inspiration for many people in Italy and beyond. Moreover, in that world-famous scientific institution known for its extra-ordinary important production of penicillin at the time of its discovery and also similarly important medicine for malaria, there were not one but three Nobel laureates working, with Enrico Fermi having his lab there before his way to the USA.

Inna and Michael Rogatchi awarding prof. Domenica Taruscio with the Humanist of the Year 2018 Award and Special Diploma. March 1, 2019, Rome, Italy. (C) Giovanni Petraantonio.

We were so very pleased to  had our Award to a rare person, director of the Italian Institute for Health and the chair of the International Consortium for Rare Diseases Medicine prof. Domenica Taruscio at the special celebration and ceremony in Rome of the International Day of Rare Diseases.

At the ceremony of The Rogatchi Foundation Humanist of the Year 2018 Award at the Italian National Institute of Health, Rome, March 1st, 2019. (C) Giovanni Pietrantonio.

Prof. Taruscio is the leading scientist, outstanding visionary, and a big-time’ Humanist. She was awarded with the Foundation’s  Special Diploma for For Outstanding Contribution Into the Humanist Support of Life. For many years, prof. Taruscio with her great team runs Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Arts, Literature and Music Award developing its special forum where arts meets science and together, that union helps people in need. The wide outreach of Pegaso – all kinds of arts, music and literature, and all groups of people, amateurs and professional, of all ages, including young ones – does it humanitarian works and has its impact growing the year after another.

In her and her team’s work, prof. Taruscio provides a colossal moral and psychological support to many people, both patients and their families, with engaging the best of the professional artists, writers and musicians, and teaming them with the people in need on a strongly scientific basic which is very highly developed in Italy with regard to the influence of arts and music on human’s brain and behaviour, and with open, warm heart and attention of a true humanist.

We were very glad to see that the Between Arts and Science conference has been so well attended, it was a fully booked auditorium of the Institute, with participation of many important people in the fields of both arts and music. We were happy to tell a bit about our Foundation and the history and meaning of the Humanist of the Year Award, and especially on the introduction of the awarding prof. Taruscio, our first Italian among the star team of our international laureates, with the Humanist of the Year.

All our great laureates of The Humanist of the Year Award receives unique piece of art which has been created for each of them specifically. We were very happy to present prof. Domenica Taruscio with special art work created for her by Michael Rogatchi,  Amadeus Waltz ( 2018). In his awarding speech, Michael was mentioning on his very special, trade-marked image of Amadeus which he explores in the series of his works called Mozartiana collection, and on the fact that he knows that Domenica does love flowers, as she does love music. The outcome and combination of those two devotions of our dear laureate is seen in this art work created for our Humanist of the Year 2018 laureate specifically.

It was especially meaningful for us to learn after the ceremony that prof. Taruscio  dedicated this Award to the memory of her late parents, Francesco Taruscio and Antonietta  Caria. Grazie mille, cara professoressa Taruscio, and all your wonderful team!