New Partnership With the ILCM Foundation


The Rogatchi Foundation is pleased to announce its future partnership with the ILCM Foundation, Italy founded by distinguished composer, pianist and musicologist Maestro Francesco Lotoro.

Maestro Francesco Lotoro and discovered by him original of the musical score.

We are following the Maestro Lotoro’s activities for while by now, since the time when his international search for Memorial Music created in captivity has got its first international recognition.

Maestro Lotoro has devoted 30 years to his mission of researching and bringing back to mankind the music which has been created by many talented people who were annihilated during the Holocaust, and who were in captivity in the period between 1933 and 1953, from the moment when Dahau started its operation and until the death of Stalin.

CD cover of the one of the volumes of the Maestro Lotoro’s Encyclopaedia of the Music in Captivity.

We at The Rogatchi Foundation were glad when Maestro Lotoro and his dedicated team has approached us with a friendly proposal to become partners with his ILCM Foundation in their touching, important and very meaningful projects which include projecting and building a special multi-functional Citadel of Music in Captivity in Barletta, in the region of Puglia in Italy, as well as his unique One Hundred Travels project of search for original scores, documents and instruments world-wide and culminating in the special concert at Auschwitz on the anniversary of its liberation in January 2020, with following special Memorial Music Train journey from Oswenciem, Poland to Barletta, Italy, throughout Europe. We also are saluting Maestro Lotoro for his huge and unique Encyclopaedia of Music in Captivity project with 24 CDs recorded and a massive research done for each of them.

In January 2019, Maestro Lotoro has been invited to give a special Memorial Concert at the President Office of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. He also gave very successful concerts at the most important musical hall in Italy, the Academia Santa Cecilia, at the recent forum in Bologna, special concerts in Lecce and many other places, including Toronto, Canada, and many others.

Poster of The Maestro film on the mission of Francesco Lotoro ( Italy- France).

The new Memorial concerts of maestro Lotoro are planned for this year at the Carnegie Hall in New York and in Rio and San-Paulo in Brazil.

The film about Franceso Lotoro’s ongoing mission, The Maestro ( 2016) is shown by the France-2 TV, and in many cinemas in Italy, France, Canada.

We are glad to develop co-operation with such wonderful people and on such unique and important mission.  

More detail about the ILCM Foundation can be read here :