New Global Initiative of The Rogatchi Foundation: Culture for Humanity

Culture for the Humanity: New Global Initiative of The Rogatchi Foundation.

At the time of the world crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID19 known as Corona virus, The Rogatchi Foundation came forward with new global initiative, Culture for Humanity (C), (R) project. 

The project is focused on producing weekly special Art Bulletin representing the artworks and music, as well as literature pieces, and recommendations by the leading art experts in order to provide a psychological comfort to all of us, all those who did find ourselves in massive stress, sudden solitude, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. 

The Rogatchi Foundation is cordially grateful to the leading figures of the world’s culture who responded immediately and positively taking part in our initiative, including Maestro Ennio Morricone and his family; Maestro Yevgeny Kissin and Deutsche Grammophon; leading guitar player, composer, director of Musica & Sanita project professor Giorgio Albiani; legendary ballad singer and musician Karsten Troyke, and the others. 

The Rogatchi Foundation is also grateful to a number of our partners, leading international organisations, for partnering with us in this project.