Melody Of Light. The JLTV (USA) documentary profile on life and art of Inna & Michael Rogatchi and their The Rogatchi Foundation

In November and December 2013, JLTV (Jewish Live TV), a major international TV Channel based in Los-Angeles, broadcast the Melody Of Light programme on The Rogatchi Foundation and its founders, Michael and Inna Rogatchi. The programme has been produced by and for JLTV, and the channel has run it as its Channukah Special many times during November and December 2013.

The programme covers some of Michael and Inna Rogatchis’ art and also follows their philanthropy which now has a career of over 25 years. The serious part of the programme is devoted to The Rogatchi Foundation and its activities in various countries around the world.

JLTV is a major international TV Channel that covers over 100 million households all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, the Middle East and Europe. The channel has been founded and is led by the legendary Phil Blazer, the man with his own place in modern history, whose contribution to it reaches far beyond the media and communications world, and stretches into the multiplied efforts of saving human lives.

The Melody of Light programme has been recognised internationally: it has made it into the Mashmedia (online Multimedia Encyclopedia) top programmes in the Art of Living category; the story about the programme has been published on the highly reputable and popular The JerUSAlem Connection Report internet portal, where the programme can be downloaded in its entirety. Some other big and popular American, Israeli and other international media have re-published the programme as well.

Yad Vashem has officially requested a copy of the programme for their permanent film collection and film library, the biggest in the world on the subject of the Holocaust.