Spanish Anti-Cancer Association Enlist Inna Rogatchi’s Essential In Spririt: Firenze Art Video in the Psychological Treatment of Cancer Patients

The leading cancer battling society in Spain, Associacion Espanola Contera el Cancer (AECC), has enlisted Inna Rogatchi’s Essential in Spirit: Firenze musical art video in their psychological treatment comforting cancer patients as the leading example of the patients’ psychological meditation sessions.

Inna Rogatchi’s Victory of Light. Tuscany Hills series

‘Does psychological meditation provide help for cancer patients? – asks the campaign introduction, and replies – “It does, and much so.” The campaign introducing means of the psychological comforting to patients with various kinds of cancer, explains how it works, and provides the best samples of the subjects and ideas for such meditation. Inna Rogatchi’s Essential in Spirit: Firenze musical art video has been chosen by AECC as ‘the leading example of such artistic means for the specific meditation of cancer patients’.

This recent development is a direct and logical continuation of the important pattern that Dr Rogatchi has elaborated some time ago, and applied to the certain direction of her fine art photography work. In December 2011 – April 2012, the first exhibition of such specific art direction, aiming to provide psychological comfort to cancer patients and members of their families, From the Window of Mercy and Joy, was on display in Turku, Finland. The exhibition was a part of the official commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the South-Western Finland Cancer Society. The exhibition was a big success, and after its end, was entirely donated to cancer patients and their families by The Rogatchi Foundation.

Dr Rogatchi’s idea for a special direction of fine art photography and art musical videos to provide psychological comfort to patients with serious illnesses is currently under the process of patenting. Inna Rogatchi is developing her ideas on this special direction further, and intends to produce more artistic works which could be helpful as a means of psychological comfort for cancer patients and their families, as well as patients with other serious illnesses.