Michael Rogatchi CHAZAK Ukraine Relief original art charitable campaign

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

We are partnering with Jewish communities world-wide to conduct a special charitable CHAZAK art campaign for humanitarian relief in Ukraine and for the refugees from Ukraine. 

Michael Rogatchi in his study. Credit (C) The Rogatchi Foundation

Michael Rogatchi decided to donate three of his original art works for the purpose. Unlike our other ongoing several charitable art international campaigns for emergency help for Ukraine, which are based on the limited edition prints of Michael and Inna Rogatchi art, this campaign is based on Michael’s well-known and valuable original artworks. 

The artist deliberately priced them substantially lower than their professionally evaluated estimates, having two aims in mind: to make the works more accessible for potential buyers, and to have an opportunity for our partners to auction the works, starting from these special charitable  campaign prices.   
If the first round of this campaign is successful, we will be willing to see further possible donations of Michael’s and Inna’s original artworks. 

Additionally: we believe that it would be good and fair to have an opportunity to welcome any donation for this campaign. For this purpose, Michael has donated an unlimited number of museum-quality A4-size prints of his famous Akeidah work, signed by him by hand, as a token of our appreciation to everyone who would contribute any sum into this campaign. We will ship the corresponding amount of the prints to our partnering communities. 

Michael Rogatchi(C). Akeidah. Special museum-quality print signed by the artist. Size A4.

We are very grateful for your great cooperation at this daring moment for our brethren in and from Ukraine and for many of us. 

The artworks: 

  1. Michael Rogatchi (C). Silver Cord II. Ecclesiastes 12:6-7. Pencil, Indian ink, art coal on white cotton paper. 50 x 40 cm. 1991. Matted in museum double passepartout. Size in passepartout – 65 x 55 cm. Special Price: Eur 1 000 ( normal price – Eur 1 500).  Special Note: There are only two of these works, both original drawings, done by Michael. The other one belongs to a very special European private art collection of one of the most important families of the European nobility, with a long historical and cultural tradition and special place in history.   


2. Michael Rogatchi (C). Elijah Song I.Indian ink, oil, oil pastel on yellow Italian hand-made cotton paper. 50 x 50 cm. 2017. Matted in museum double-passepartout. Size in passepartout – 65 x 65 cm. Special price: Eur 2 000 ( normal price Eur 2 500). 

Special Note:this work is an original for the prototype of the stained glass window for the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London. That window is dedicated to the late Rabbi Lord Sacks whom we had a privilege to know personally. 


Michael Rogatchi (C). Lijuli-Ljuli. Yiddish Lullaby. Indian ink, oil pastel on dark-blue cotton paper. 35 x 50 cm. 2013. Matted in museum double passepartout and framed under the glass. Size in passepartout 50 x 65 cm. Special price Eur 3.000 ( normal price Eur 4 000). 

Special Note: It is one of the iconic images by Michael Rogatchi on Jewish heritage, part of the artist’s well-known Jewish Melody series. The work was attested by the senior art critics as ‘modern classic’.   

All works come with a certificate of authenticity where the normal price of the work is written.  

We will ship them by Fedex. 

Payments: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=D3HF2357TXR7L

Please specify the title of the work acquired.  

For any donation, please specify Ukraine Relief Donation.  

Bank transfers are possible as well.
If there will be any questions regarding the other forms of payments, please let us know at  office@rogatchifoundation.org

Additional information: 

More about Michael Rogatchi – https://www.michaelrogatchi.com/

More about Michael’s art on Jewish heritage –   https://www.michaelrogatchi.com/index.php/works-on-jewish-heritage/

General Inquiries: office@rogatchifoundation.org