New Collectible Art Calendar 2023

New collectible From Bach to Baker art calendar 2023 for charitable campaign in a new season 2022/2023

Opening a new season 2022/2023, The Rogatchi Foundation has created a Limited & exclusive edition of new collectible Art Calendar 2023 featuring Michael Rogatchi From Bach to Baker new art series of radiant works dedicated to music:

The works in the calendar are all new, Michael has created them this and last year, those are two of his newest art series. They were not published before. Most of the works are in private collections in Europe and Mexico. 

As always, the collectible art calendar is a charitable campaign of The Rogatchi Foundation. This year, the proceeds from the art calendar will be used for support of the new TYKS children’s hospital in Turku and for helping to install a new art collection which The Rogachi Foundation have donated to them. 

If our audience would like very kindly to consider some additional contribution to The Rogatchi Foundation to support this new From Bach to Baker charitable art campaign 2022-2023, based on the new artworks of Michael Rogatchi, it would be wonderful and we will be very grateful for that. 

Price for this limited edition exclusive art calendar 2023 – Eur 20.00 + very modest post expenses.

We are shipping world-wide.


In the case of PayPay, the link for payments and the donation link is here:

We hope that our new exclusive art calendar 2023 will bring joy and happiness to all of those who would order From Bach to Baker by Michael Rogatchi.