Inna Rogatchi Joins International Advisory Council of The Rumbula Echo project

Inna Rogatchi was invited to join International Advisory Council of major project on Holocaust

Co-founder and President of The Rogatchi Foundation Inna Rogatchi was invited to join Internationally Advisory Council of unique project on Holocaust, The Rumbula Echo originated in the USA and conducted in co-operation with Latvia.

Inna Rogatchi joins the 100+ Council of worldwide leaders of organisations involved in Holocaust and post-Holocaust, faith, inter-faith, youth group, education, and experts on Holocaust and genocide studies.

The project is a brain – and soul-child of Mitchel Lieber, and is the first multi-sided restoration of the notorious Rumbula massacre story ( Latvia) and consequent post-Holocaust historical, cultural and psychological studies of that important episode of the WWII from a personal perspective of the descendants of the Holocaust survivors. 

More detail on The Rumbula Echo project is here.